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Dr Matthew Formosa

Dr Matthew Formosa M.D, MRCP(UK), MRCEM (UK) CCBST ED, is a Medical Doctor who graduated from the University of Malta in 2016. Matthew boasts extensive ...
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Stress Amongst Secondary School Students — Does It Matter? 

As the pressures of modern life continue to mount, stress is becoming an increasingly common experience among people of all ages, including secondary school students. ...
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Behaviours & Values

Dear Patients, We are pleased to share with you our vision for Changing Primary Healthcare in Malta through our mission statement of providing innovative holistic ...
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Dr Jessica Darmanin

Dr Jessica Darmanin is a medical doctor who graduated from the University of Malta in 2020. She has worked in various specialities within the national ...
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Services Information

In view of our belief in communicating with our clients and keeping an open book in the name of transparency as a basis of holding ...
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Ms Maria Fiteni

Ms Maria Fiteni is a state registered Physiotherapist who graduated in 2019 with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Physiotherapy from the University of Malta. Following her ...
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Dr Amanda Farrugia

Dr Amanda Farrugia joined PrimaMed as a Medical doctor and hoping to join as a GP trainee in 2022. Amanda entered the medical world to explore her passion to ...
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Opening Soon in Attard!

More ways to reach us! As we continue to grow and expand, PrimaMed is excited to announce that services are now extending not only in ...
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Physiotherapy – New Service at Primamed

Physiotherapy relates to human movement and its impact on everyday life.
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