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At PrimaMed, we offer a vast range of premium-quality and advanced healthcare services including blood tests, ECGs, ultrasounds, vaccine administrations, smear tests, COVID-19 swab tests and much more.

Medical Doctor Consultations

When booking a medical doctor consultation, with our patient-centered approach, you’ll be assigned a highly experienced doctor that’s guaranteed to provide you with quality and safe medical care. The family doctor, will be well informed about your medical history and offer telephone triage for safe care whenever needed. In addition, your doctor will follow-up on your health progress on a regular basis. Our prime objective is and will always be your comfort and your health.

Family Nurse

Our unique concept of a family nurse is the first of its kind in the local health industry and further solidifies our commitment to maintaining a patient-first approach. This service includes being assigned an experienced nurse to assist you with any medical needs. Albeit at our clinic, virtually, or, if need be, your home. In addition, your assigned nurse will follow up on your health progress regularly and provide assistance and advice throughout.

Laboratory testing

At PrimaMed, we offer a wide range of testing services and are committed to giving you tailored results in a timely manner.

    • Blood Tests

      Such tests include routine blood profiles, testing for specific conditions/diseases, antibodies tests, and various point of care (POC) testing.

    • Urine Tests

      Urine tests such as urinalysis and urine cultures.

    • Faeces Tests

      Includes testing for Faeces with Occult Blood (FOB), Calprotectin, H.Pylori, and Stool Culture tests.

    • Specimens Tests

    • Swab Tests

    • Wide range of swab test for respiratory causes such as Covid-19, Streptococcus A, and wound swabs.

    • Electrocardiogram (ECGs)

    • Gynaecological services
        • Smear Tests
        • Hormone Profile
        • Ultrasounds
Health Checkup

At PrimaMed, we’re not just committed to treating illness, but also aim to improve your long-term health and well-being. We thoroughly believe that prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to your health and we’re not the only ones.  Studies have continuously presented supporting evidence that a large portion of deaths or serious incidents are caused by preventable behaviours and exposures. Our detailed health check-up is uniquely personalised to every individual.

This is done by covering a vast array of aspects in your everyday life and genetic history which could be silently contributing to your well-being. During the consultation we’ll offer you an extensive examination and personalised testing (including blood, cardiac, or fitness). Lastly, we’ll deliver your results in a tailored and timely manner and help you set up goals and an achievable timeline to cover them. We’ll continuously check up with you and your progress and offer any assistance along the way.

Treat your health as an investment, book your health check-up today.

Minor interventions

We offer a wide range of minor interventions services.  These services include:

    • Suturing
    • Removal of Foreign Body
    • Removal of Callus
    • Incision & Excision of Sebaceous Cyst
    • Lipoma Removal
    • Cryotherapy
    • Steroid Injection
    • Arthritis Injection
    • Wound Care
    • Nebuliser
    • Emergency
    • Immediate Medical Care

As always, your health and safety needs are our main priority. Therefore, we’ll continuously follow-up on your progress and provide any necessary assistance that you may require throughout.


Our extensive range of vaccination services are there to ensure we cover all your needs. Our range is comprised of state mandatory vaccinations as per government schedule, seasonal flu vaccines, Covid-19 vaccines, tetanus vaccines, and any travel related vaccines.

Online Consultation

We are leading the way to the future of medicine with immersive medical technologies which promote flexibility. If you are unable to visit our premises for whatever reason, our online consultation services are made for you. You can book video and/or phone consultations, from anywhere, with our leading medical experts who will digitally provide any required documentation and prescriptions.

Speech Language Pathologist

The role of the Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) is to assess, diagnose and provide intervention to a wide range of conditions, including speech sound disorders, language delays, social communication impairments as well as voice and swallowing difficulties. SLPs frequently liaise with other healthcare professionals in the multidisciplinary team. Additionally, intervention programs are tailored according to the clients’ individual needs. 

Ms Monique Falzon graduated as a speech and language pathologist from the University of Malta in 2021. Her current clientele comprises of a spectrum of different ages, ranging childhood to senior adults and tackles issues such as dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) as well as speech and language difficulties. Monique strives to help people attain their full potential and achieve their personal goals by using evidence-based practices and a holistic approach. 


Physiotherapy relates to human movement and its impact on everyday life. The role of the physiotherapist is to assess, diagnose, treat, prevent and rehabilitate movement dysfunctions brought about by injuries, medical conditions or the natural ageing process. Physiotherapists aim to work holistically with people of all ages, in order to recover from their discomfort and prevent any future reoccurrences, so as to ultimately maximise their way of living.

This is carried out by means of exercise prescription, manual therapy, the use of electrothermal modalities, education and advice, among other things.

Apart from dealing with the physcial aspect of a person, physiotherapy tackles the psychological and social aspect in order to reach a better quality of life.  


Our services include a number of Covid-19 related services such as vaccinations, rapid and PCR testing, antibody testing, medical advice, and frequent follow-up calls throughout.

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