Family Nurse

The family nurse is an essential part of the health care landscape, providing wellness guidance and necessary care services to patients in need. These nurses help manage patients alongside the doctor and care for the sick, injured, and also for healthy patients. The role of the family nurse is increasingly important as patients struggle to access care resources.

The family nurse is an advanced nurse who has attained advanced education and training to practice in a primary care setting. These health professionals are passionate about improving the lives of patients and contributing to an efficient, high-quality health care system.

What Does a Family Nurse Do?

Family nurses provide primary care services for patients ranging from infants to seniors. They conduct well checks, screen for disease symptoms, administer treatments, and order tests under the premise of enhancing a patient’s overall well-being. Family Nurses treat healthy patients, injured individuals, patients with viral symptoms, and those struggling with diabetes, high cholesterol, and other chronic ailments. However, these practitioners do not treat critically-ill patients.

Family nurses are essential providers of preventive care services, which can help reduce repeat visits and avoid the emergency room and hospital admissions. These proactive measures include counseling patients on healthy lifestyles and disease prevention and ensuring that patients follow treatment recommendations. Family Nurses also help to establish consistent office procedures, develop individualised patient care plans, and create educational materials.

The Family Nurse Common Responsibilities

  • Record patient health histories.
  • Perform physical exams.
  • Observe and assess patient symptoms.
  • Order tests and analyses results.
  • Diagnose physical and mental health conditions.
  • Develop and administer treatment plans.
  • Track symptom changes and treatment responses.
  • Promote healthy nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits.
  • Communicate with families.
  • Coordinate with patients’ other caregivers.
  • Refer patients to specialists.

The Family Nurse Skills and Characteristics

A health practitioner must have a strong balance of leadership, communication, and management skills to succeed as an advanced general practiced nurse. These capabilities are established through extensive education, training, and on-the-job experience.

The Family Nurse: Core Competencies

  • Communication—sharing information with patients and families.
  • Interpersonal relations—coordinating care with coworkers.
  • Technology—recording and analyzing patient data.
  • Critical thinking and decision-making—diagnosing and treating patients.
  • Leadership—guiding other nurses and aides.
  • Organisation—multitasking and practice management.

The Family Nurse: Personal Characteristics

  • Compassion—considering patients’ needs and beliefs.
  • Resourcefulness—developing treatment plans and conducting research.
  • Teamwork orientation—collaborating with other providers.
  • Detail orientation—noticing symptoms and tracking changes.
  • Resilience—operating under high pressure and stress.
  • Independence—making autonomous decisions.

Meet out family nurses at PrimaMed:

We presently have two Family nurses at PrimaMed:

Rachel Mifsud Walstow

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a family nurse is the ability to connect with our patients and their families on a personal level and have the opportunity to play an essential role in their lives.

Current Job title: Family nurse / Quality assurance nurse

Rachel graduated as a state registered nurse in 2012 and has worked in several different nursing settings but mostly in emergency care. Rachel has been working at PrimaMed for the past eight years as a state registered nurse and intends to further her studies in primary care. Rachel Currently resides in Hal Kirkop with her husband and dog.

Mark Sciberras

“Being a Family Nurse is an aspiration for me as we treat patients from onset of illness through recovery with great fulfillment.”

Current job title: Family nurse/ Manager Trainee

Mark graduated as a state registered nurse in 2021 but has been working at PrimaMed since 2014 initially as a receptionist from which he was inspired to become a nurse. Mark is also currently a manager Trainee and is aspiring to further his studies in Healthcare management. Mark currently lives in Zurrieq with his family.



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