Do you offer home visits?
Yes. Accessible healthcare is important to us as we believe in patient-centred continuous care.
What is the basic family doctor visit fee?
Healthcare fees are complex as they are very subjective depending on the case. We frequently review costs to ensure we remain competitive. However, sometimes we may need to increase fees due to factors beyond our control such as type of service and duration.
What is the usual waiting time?
While the practice is committed to scheduling appointment at realistic intervals, there may be an increased waiting time due to one of the following, more complex problems or unplanned emergent appointments.
Communication with doctors
The doctors at our practice prioritise patient consults at the clinic and are generally unable to receive or return patient phone calls. However, you may call in to speak to a reception nurse and she will assist according.
What documents will I be asked to present?
Basic identification documents such as identity card or passport will suffice.
Do you offer blood taking?
Yes, we are able to provide a wide range of blood tests according to your requirements.
What does a Health Checkup consist of?
A yearly health checkup involves a routine general bloods test and a personalised examination. Its duration is of about 1 hour, where we'll cover vast aspects of your health. It is advisable to book a health checkup once every 12 months to help prevent, diagnose and/or target disease early on.
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Will you be able to provide most of my medical needs?
We offer a vast array of services and are generally able to provide comprehensive medical assistance. However, if needed we will consult with you for further input from other specialities within the multidisciplinary team.
Privacy and your records
We comply with all professional and statutory privacy obligations. All information provided by you to the practice is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third party unless you request it or sharing it is requested by law. We may need to share your health information with other healthcare professionals, but will always be discussed with you first.

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