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In view of our belief in communicating with our clients and keeping an open book in the name of transparency as a basis of holding a good relationship with you, we would like to provide you with the following information regarding the pricing of our services.

We are aware that many might have been irritated by the increase in pricing for our services. Unfortunately, we cannot communicate prices publicly as we are bound by rules from authorities. All the same, we would like to communicate with you the reasoning behind our concepts in order for you to understand better how we operate.

As an organisation we have innovated new ideas and concepts in the primary healthcare delivered to our patients and you can easily see the fruit of such ideas in the quality of care we offer you. We have also been innovating new ideas in the operations of our business. One important concept we want to introduce locally is the aspect of fairness. We believe that it is only fair that clients pay for the service that they receive without the need to over-profit from their pockets. Please understand that profit is important to introduce new services, to invest for your health, to pay the ever rising wages and expenses required to keep a united and motivated workforce ( which is essential to provide good quality healthcare), and to cover the costs for the general running of the place. All the same, this needs to be fair for both the client and the organisation. If a client uses less time of the service, it is only fair that s/he pays less. But if s/he uses more time or more services, payment needs to increase. We don’t want to cap one price for everyone, as is the norm in the business world. We believe in a good relationship with our patients and “stealing” money from each other would harm such a relationship.

Thus, we have just introduced the concept of offering different discounts to our patients (which you can easily see on your billing in your personalised medical records account) if they use less of the service. Clients needing longer service would be paying more than other clients. Again, in the name of transparency, this will all be clearly shown on the bill. Moreover, clients requiring the use of the reception nurse after their visit will be paying a very small fee. It is not fair that patients not using such service pay for this in their clinic visit, as is the norm in the business world.

Following the same concept, please remember that we offer you a 15-minute consultation that attempts to stand up to high-quality levels and high standard medical care. Nurses are available in order to make you feel cared for and not being treated like a number in a factory. Receptionists are present to control all the flow of work to avoid chaos. Remember that all of this is different from other places in Malta. So prices cannot be compared with other places. Again, this does not mean that we are allowed to hike up prices excessively.

Introducing this time concept necessitates an important assumption – that we as care providers and you as our patients TRUST each other. We shall never waste time in the consultation in order to prolong the visit and force you to pay more. Clients shall pay for the contact time and not for waiting time and contact time will be responsible enough that we offer you what you need and require without the fear of rushing things through or extending them uselessly.

Thank you for your understanding. We do understand that not everyone might like these ideas, but this is who we are. We welcome eagerly those who would like to use our services and would be more than pleased to assist you in our own way. We strongly believe that this is the best way to help you in your moments of need.

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